Law Firm Donation Eliminated over $14.5 Million of Medical Debt for Distressed Oklahomans

Debt Purchased and Forgiven for Over 6,700 individuals in 37 Oklahoma Counties

Oklahoma City—National Litigation Law Group (NLLG) announced that $48,000 of its total holiday donation of $50,000 to RIP Medical Debt ( was used to purchase and forgive $14,561,804.62 of medical debt claimed from 6,746 needy individuals in 37 Oklahoma counties. NLLG directed $2,000 of its donation to help with the campaign by the First United Methodist Church of Ada to purchase and retire medical debt for financially distressed residents in south central Oklahoma.

Founded in 2014, RIP Medical Debt rapidly has become the leading nonprofit organization tackling the medical debt crisis in the country:

  • RIP Medical Debt identifies, buys, and then forgives unpaid medical debt owed by financially distressed families and individuals.
  • On average, every $1 donated to RIP Medical Debt can be used to purchase and forgive $100 in medical debt.
  • RIP Medical Debt was able to stretch NLLG’s direct donation even farther than average, with every $1 used purchasing more than $300 in medical debt on average.

The biggest impacts of NLLG’s donation were felt in Garvin County, where $4.4 million of debt was eliminated for over 1100 needy residents, Pottawatomie County, where $3.3 million of debt was forgiven, Canadian County, where $2.5 million of debt was erased for nearly 1600 residents, and Oklahoma County, where nearly $2.3 million in debt was purchased and forgiven for more than 1600 residents.

NLLG’s $2,000 donation to the campaign of the First United Methodist Church of Ada helped the Church eliminate over $3.8 million in medical debt for over 1300 Oklahomans in a five-county area of south central Oklahoma. The Church’s campaign eliminated another $1 million in medical debt for needy residents in Garvin County, as well as $1 million in medical debt in both Pontotoc and Seminole Counties.

In the seven years since it was created, RIP Medical Debt has managed to purchase and forgive nearly $3 billion in medical debt. To learn more about RIP Medical Debt, and to learn who qualifies for debt forgiveness, visit

NLLG’s founder, James Sears Bryant of Enid, Oklahoma, stated: “I was thrilled to learn about the tangible impacts of our donations for Oklahoma families. We helped pay off an average of $2,158 in debt for over 6700 Oklahomans. Unpaid medical debt is one of the leading causes of personal bankruptcies in the U.S. This debt creates tremendous stress for families and individuals. We wanted to make a donation during the holidays that was consistent with NLLG’s mission and which provided significant debt relief for Oklahomans. RIP Medical Debt was the right organization to do that.”

The following are remarks from recipients of NLLG’s donation:

“I cannot tell you how surprised I was when I opened a letter from RIP Medical Debt that said my hospital bill had been abolished!! This is such a blessing, and I can never thank RIP Medical Debt and National Litigation Law Group for this generous gift!”

“I would like to start out with thank the National Litigation Law Group. I received a letter that the outstanding debt was paid on their behalf. I seriously thought it was a scam of some sort. I read all of the letter and after realizing they didn’t need any of my information, they hey this must be real. I am 55 years old and I’m on disability, and $— is a lot of money to me. I feel really blessed for this kind gesture.”

“I wasn’t expecting anything like this in the mail, but this is such a good surprise. I really appreciate it so much for the help in the stress relief from this debt.”

“Receiving this letter in the mail that my medical debt has been paid in full was an amazing feeling that I greatly appreciate. I can barely pay household bills without even adding medical bills on top of it. I can’t express my gratitude for this relief. Thank you so much!”

About NLLG: Established in 2014, NLLG represents consumers in debt settlement programs when they are sued by credit card companies. To date, NLLG has helped consumers across the U.S. with over $1 billion in claimed credit card debt save over $300 million on those claims. You can learn more about NLLG at

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